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Height: 6'3"  |   Height: 6'3" Eye Color: Brown  |   Hair Color: Black

Fun fact: While swept up in a bizarre sharknado storm, Nyell received his famous scar over his right eyebrow, as he fought off hammerheads, great whites and tiger sharks...all at the same time! He risked his life as the swarm of sharks entered his living room, saving his loved ones.



I Hear the Trees Whispering |  Supporting   |  dir. Jozsef Gallai

Resurrection                         |   Supporting   | dir. Egor Baranov

​My Many Sons                       |   Lead            |  dir. Ralph E. Portillo

59 Seconds                            |   Lead            |  dir. Benedict Dorsey

The Eugenist                           |   Lead           |  dir. Tariq Nasheed

The Exception                         |   Lead            |  dir. Ray Pesante

​Her Essence                            |   Supporting   |  dir. Nadine Barnett Cosby

Emery                                      |   Lead             |  dir. Greg Mills

Me and the Devil Blues           |   Lead             |  dir. Cameron Sizemore


The Young &The Restless        |   Guest Star  |   CBS  

The Vampire Diaries-Ep.601    |   Co-Star       |  CW Network

Killer Couples-Ep.110             |   Guest Star   |   Oxygen

Government Liea-Ep. 1           |   Guest Star   |   Outlook Productions

Training & Workshops

Acting: BGB Studios Advanced Master Class on Camera, Risa Beamon Garcia and Michael Chekhov Acting Studio, Lenard Petit

Improvisation: Scotty Watson, Artistic New Direction 

Primetime TV Intensive: Thompson Milam

TV/Film On Camera: Anthony Grasso

Scene Study: Susan Pilar, Terry Schreiber Studio

Vocal Production: Page Clements, Terry Schreiber Studio

Film Technique and Movement: Fay Simpson, Impact Theatre

Monologue Audition Workshop: Karen Kohlhaas

Stage Combat: Jared Kirby, Combat for Stage and

Special Skills

Stage Combat, Martial Arts, Basketball, Excellent at Most Sports, Firearm Proficient and License, Dance-Hip Hop/Ballroom/Modern, Improvisation, Disappearing Coin Trick, Leaps Tall Buildings in a Single Bound, Explorer, Likes to Sing, Accents: NY/NJ, Southern, and Spanish.

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