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Nyell (derived from the Gaelic language which means “champion”) is an American actor who emerged from a unique, multi-racial and cultural heritage, bestowing upon him a rare and appealing screen personality. His passion for acting, developed at a young age through years of extensive training and experience from New York City to Los Angeles, shines in his performances that inspire audiences.


Critics agree that he delivers honest and natural performances, and is a compelling instrument playing the beauty, emotion and drama of life. His perceptive, individual approach to acting manifests in his work, captivating viewers to feel and connect to the story.

He lit up the screen with previous appearances on iconic TV shows including CBS’s The Young and the Restless, CW’s The Vampire Diaries and leading man roles in films like, 59 Seconds. Next up, he will appear as “Peter” in Jozsef Gallai’s I Hear The Trees Whispering, alongside Bill Oberst Jr. and Larry Hankin. He will also appear as “John” in Egor Baranov’s Resurrected, starring Erika Chase. Nyell is establishing himself as a talented, unmatched actor and the entertainment industry has great expectations for him.

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